Camryn & Tyler


There’s something undeniably magical about young love that begins as a crush and blooms into a beautiful love story. It’s a story that captures the innocence of youth and the enduring power of connection. A timeless tale—high school sweethearts who have journeyed from adolescence to adulthood and are now embarking on their greatest adventure yet: marriage.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Camryn and Tyler through all these years and having a front-row seat to their growing adoration for each other. While I had known Camryn for years, she first became a client when she trusted me to photograph her senior pictures. This is when I officially met Tyler. He was a shy but willing boyfriend as he entertained her request for a couple of photos of them together as we wrapped up her senior session. Since then, I’ve photographed them for various occasions and anniversaries. And I’d dare say Tyler has grown into quite the model.

The proposal was a culmination of years of shared memories and a promise of forever. It wasn’t just a question asked on bended knee; it was a declaration of a love that had seen victories and heartbreaks and still withstood the tests of time. And now, as they prepare to stand before family and friends, exchanging vows and promising their lives to one another, their journey comes full circle.

Their wedding day is not just a celebration of their love; it’s a tribute to the foundation they’ve built together—one that began with youthful dreams and has grew into a partnership based on respect, understanding, and unwavering support.

Seeing them together reminds me of the beauty of growing up together and the strength found in true love. Love knows no bounds of time—it simply exists, conquering every obstacle in its path.


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